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Grocery Lockers


Click n Collect Lockers

Grocery shopping has never been more convenient with Click n Collect grocery delivery lockers. Thanks to a self-service and contactless locker feature your customers can simply order online and select desired locker location for delivery- and that's it! An email/text will be sent to the customer with locker the access authentication details when their groceries are ready for collection.


In 2011, one of Australia’s largest grocery chains, Coles Supermarkets, wanted to trial an expansion of its Coles Online home delivery model and offer their customers the additional service of a 24/7 pick-up option so online grocery shoppers did not have to be home to receive their groceries during limited allocated time slots. An innovation of website integrated grocery lockers systems was born. In July 2017 VLocker decided that this new part of the business needed its own focused management and resources and Click n Collect Pty Ltd was founded.


Click n Collect is known globally for leading provider of innovative and reliable click-and-collect solutions. With the combined expertise, they have forged ahead and developed a range of cutting-edge products for grocery retailers and supermarkets. Click n Collect know the path intimately and they are here to walk it with you. Visit or contact the team at Click n Collect today to find out more about their range of grocery locker systems and the unique locker technology behind them.

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