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Ride Locker, Electronic Lockers, VLocker

VLocker has developed a specific solution to assist queue line management by providing a smart dual door locker system that divides incoming and outgoing foot fall when visiting a venue or while riding the latest rides and attractions.

• Award winning
• Rapid allocation of lockers 
• Dual doors allowing re-entry to rear of locker

• Greatly improves foot fall flow without                     congestion allowing a smooth transition 

• Patent No. 10607433

Lockers, Theme Park, Electronic Lockers, VLocker

Discuss your electronic locker needs with us and we will structure a revenue share plan that benefits both parties and allows you to install the latest electronic keyless lockers with no capital outlay. Digital Locker system and Smart Locker system 

*subject to sufficient guest visitation numbers.

Benefits of Revenue Share:

  •  Risk free,  No capital outlay

  •  All maintenance or support inclusive

  •  All employee training provided

  • Automated locker utilization and financial reporting  provided monthly

  • Complete integration with your POS 


No Payment Kiosk, No Worries! Our new plug n play Q-less lockers are available now. Download the app, link your payment option and scan your device to hire a locker. So simple to use and simple to run.

• Remote access 
• USB charging
• Plug n Play ready
• No cash, no theft
• Social distancing software

• Reduced capital outlay


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VLocker options

Access and Payment Methods

Electronic lockers:
• Notes and coins in any currency
• Credit card
• RFID and barcode for cashless                  environments
• Biometric (fingerprint, palm scan)
• Membership and staff cards and              tokens – RFID, mag stripe or barcode

Manual lockers:
• Coin or token accept
• Coin or token return
• Coin op combination lock
• RFID with battery or mains power

Locker Solutions for

  • Water Parks

  • Theme Parks

  • Grocery Click n Collect

  • Parcel Click n Collect

  • Ride Lockers

  • Casinos

  • Airport, Bus and Train stations

  • Aquatic Centres

  • Ice Arenas and Sports Centres

  • Zoos

Latest Locker Technology

Easy to use and operate
Enhanced customer experience leading to more income and profits
Top quality smart lockers built to last:
• Stainless steel
• Long lasting electro-galvanised steel
• ABS plastic
• Large size range
• Low maintenance

Advanced software features:
• Many pricing methods
• Single and multi-entry
• 16 languages supported
• Networked
• Competitive prices

Revenue Share Available

VLocker will install lockers free of charge on a revenue share basis for selected sites.

Click here for more information.
• No risk
• No maintenance
• No cost

Customised Locker Solutions

VLocker specialise in customising our locker design and software to suit any purpose.
Examples of customised solutions:
• Integration to staff and employment         databases to track use / mis-use of           lockers by staff
• Integration to various entrance and           ticketing systems in cashless RFID           theme and water parks
• Integration with member and student       cards in venues such as libraries,             universities and sports centres

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