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Next Generation

Vsoft is our next generation kiosk application for locker hire sites.

For patrons Vsoft utilises touch screen technologies coupled with multi-lingual support and native speaking audio voice over to make locker use for patrons a breeze. There are various pricing methods ranging from hourly to multi-day including single or multiple re-entry during any paid period. Various payment methods including coins, notes, credit cards, tokens and more. Vsoft includes built in safeguards to ensure that no hired locker can be opened by anyone except by the original hirer - even if their pre-paid time period expires - making these the most secure lockers available.

For managers Vsoft provides full accessibility either locally or via the internet - allowing management, support and reporting to be an easy process instead of a task. You can use a laptop or smart device such as iPhone or an iPad to manage locker systems, provided you have an internet connection.

All lockers can be managed and controlled by any paypoint so locker attendants or support staff can assist customers from the most convenient location. Multiple levels of security are in place allowing different staff to have access only to approved functions. Security levels include administrator, technician and attendant.

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