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Water Park Lockers

Operating around the world

Keyless access in cashless parks

Straightforward integration with almost  any POS platform.

VLocker electronic locker systems are operating in major water park installations around the world. They operate day after day under constant heavy use with a minimum requirement for maintenance and servicing. They will last for many years providing substantial profits and excellent return on investment.

Customers appreciate the ease of use of VLocker systems and the peace of mind in knowing their possessions are stored safely.

VLocker electronic lockers require minimal supervision and assistance and allow staff to engage in other customer service activities.

VLocker water park lockers allow keyless access in cashless parks using waterproof RFID or Barcode wrist bands. The rental and re-entry process is fast and very easy to use. VLocker can provide waterproof wrist bands or integrate to existing entrance and ticketing systems.

Paypoint kiosks can also be configured to accept other payments methods such as notes and coins for customers who do not have RFID or Barcode wrist band.

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Water Park Installation
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