Revenue share is suitable for venues such as:

  •  Theme Parks

  •  Water Parks

  •  Airports

  •  Casinos

  •  Convention Centres

  •  Transit Centres

  •  Aquatic and Recreation Centres

  •  Ice Arenas

  •  Sports Centres

  •  Shopping Centres

  •  Beach Locations

  •  Zoos

Supply and Install FREE

Does your venue rent lockers to the public?

Do you operate a venue similar to the ones listed below?

If so then why pay for lockers when we will supply and install them free of charge for a share of the ongoing revenue!

Discuss your needs with us and we will structure a revenue share plan that benefits everybody and allows you to install the latest electronic keyless lockers with no capital outlay.

Benefits of Revenue Share:

  •  Risk free

  •  No maintenance or service responsibilities

  •  No cost

  •  All employee training provided