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VLocker has been designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing locker systems worldwide since 1991. We specialize in customizing a locker solution to suit your requirements. Our lockers are manufactured from the finest raw materials and are of rugged construction built to withstand harsh public environments. Using high-quality materials and smart technology, you can count on VLocker to provide a stress-free locker solution for years to come. From theme parks and waterparks to cruise ships and railway stations, VLocker is helping guests keep their belongings safe and secure while enjoying various tourist activities all around the world.


We are the experts in the locker business and have the technical expertise and experience to ensure our lockers are built to last and are secure from break-in and vandalism attempts. For public area locker rental, our Vrent terminals provide state-of-the art locker rental that is easy to use, secure and efficient, as well as providing remote access for management and support purposes.

If you need locker rental systems that can work around the clock without having an attendant present, then we have the most reliable and easy-to-use locker systems on the market today.


Our team is dedicated to making sure your guests storage meets the needs of the venue by working with you. We offer locker systems for outright purchases or on an on-going revenue share basis. Revenue share allows venues to provide their guests with state-of-the art locker systems at little to no cost. We provide the lockers, you provide the venue, and we share the revenue.


At the conclusion of the installation and during the term of the agreement, VLocker will assist with training your staff team members.

VLOCKER Vision and Mission Statement

Vision Statement: To revolutionize the way people experience security and convenience. We aspire to be the leading provider of innovative, customizable and reliable locker solutions, enriching every interaction with a touch of delight and personalization.

L - Leading provider of secure and innovative storage solutions

O - Offering a wide range of storage lockers for customers of all sizes and needs

C - Customer service excellence and competitive pricing

K - Keeping the highest standards of support, durability, and convenience

E - Evolving and improving through research and development

R - Reaching the global market and satisfying diverse and changing requirements

Mission Statement: VLocker goes beyond the ordinary to provide secure and reliable solutions. We're all about exceeding expectations and adding value, with a touch of fun and customization. From theme parks to businesses, we're here to make every experience secure, delightful, and uniquely yours.


E - Delivering a variety of storage lockers that satisfy our customers’ diverse and changing requirements

X - Xceeding the expectations of our customers and stakeholders

C - Providing the highest standards of support, durability and convenience

E - Evolving and improving through research and development

L - Offering competitive pricing and value for money

L - Leading the global market in providing secure and innovative storage solutions

E - Ensuring the safety and security of our customers’ belongings

N - Nurturing a culture of teamwork, innovation and excellence

T - Trusting and respecting our customers, employees and partners

Employment, Equitable Workplace, Diversity, and Inclusion

At VLocker, we are committed to fostering an equitable workplace that celebrates diversity and promotes inclusion at every level of our organization. We believe that a diverse workforce drives innovation, creativity, and success.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Inclusive Workplace Culture

Unlock your storage potential

VLocker offers 24/7 ongoing global support, ensuring we're there for clients whenever needed.
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