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Water Park Lockers

Operating around the world

Dive into a world of convenience with our state-of-the-art water park lockers, where your belongings find a secure haven while you make a splash. Our sleek and reliable locker system ensures worry-free fun, so you can focus on creating unforgettable water memories with ease.

Keyless access in cashless parks

Straightforward integration with almost any POS platform.

Unlock a new era of convenience with our keyless access lockers—a seamless blend of technology and security. Say goodbye to traditional keys and embrace a world where your belongings are just a touch away.

Accessible Management:

  • Terminal and locker systems are accessible on the local network or via a remote connection over the internet or a cellular network for remote management, support, and reporting purposes.

Mobile Management:

  • Manage locker systems using various devices such as a laptop, smartphone or online tablet.

  • Remote management can be done from within the locker location or remotely from anywhere in the world.

Universal Control:

  • All lockers are controllable through any terminal.

  • Locker attendants or support staff can assist customers from the nearest terminal, laptop, smartphone or online tablet. If POS integration is provided this would be another option.

Secure Manager Access:

  • Manager login is secured through a PIN code or staff swipe card or RFID card.

Customized Security Levels:

  • Multiple security levels exist, granting different staff access only to approved functions.

  • Security levels include administrator, technician, and attendant roles.

Exceptional Feature

Optimise your space and elevate your service with our tailored locker positioning, which adapts effortlessly to indoor and outdoor spaces meticulously designed to complement the aesthetics of your site and enhance the efficiency of your business operations. Your preferences are our priority – because excellence is in the details.

Elevate your security standards with our cutting-edge locker entry systems. Embrace peace of mind as our advanced technology ensures a fortress-like protection, seamlessly blending innovation and sophistication to safeguard your valuables with an extra layer of assurance.

Unlocking a world of possibilities, our locker customization goes beyond the ordinary. Tailor your space with precision and style, as we transform your preferences into a personalised haven. Your vision, your choice – because the perfect locker experience begins with you.

Experience seamless and efficient access to VLocker's electronic lockers with our innovative queue-less system. Say goodbye to long lines and waiting times as our user-friendly technology allows you to quickly and securely store and retrieve your belongings at your convenience.

Finalise your preferred design

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Installation and support

Advanced Features

High-resistance materials made suitable for indoor and outdoor, certified best innovation with its exceptional features guaranteed security and convenience

ADA Compliant

Our intelligent lockers integrate design features in adherence to the guidelines outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

DOE Compliant

Compliance with the Department of Energy (DOE) standards guarantees that our lockers combine energy efficiency with top-notch performance.

PCI Compliant

Compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) for secure handling of major credit cards, ensuring adherence to industry standards mandated by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council.

Unlock your storage potential

VLocker offers 24/7 ongoing global support, ensuring we're there for clients whenever needed.
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