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Lockers for Charities

Connected Lockers

We need your help!

VLocker has an idea, to assist the homeless community by providing each homeless individual with a free electronic security locker to store their most valued possessions. Somewhere they would feel they have some grounding, a secure space that they could access 24/7.


Access would be provided through either a phone app or some type of ID such as an RFID or barcode band or card.

If you can help us make this idea a reality please don't hesitate to get in contact with our sales team. We need to work together, help us help the homeless.

Your support makes a world of difference! Join us in making a positive impact!

Inspiration came from the amazing national charity Backpack Bed for Homeless. Founder Tony Clark and his wife Lisa designed the life-saving emergency bed to give dignity to homeless people without shelter.


Click on the link below to learn more about Backpack Bed and what you can do to help.

Exceptional Feature

Optimise your space and elevate your service with our tailored locker positioning, which adapts effortlessly to indoor and outdoor spaces meticulously designed to complement the aesthetics of your site and enhance the efficiency of your business operations. Your preferences are our priority – because excellence is in the details.

Elevate your security standards with our cutting-edge locker entry systems. Embrace peace of mind as our advanced technology ensures a fortress-like protection, seamlessly blending innovation and sophistication to safeguard your valuables with an extra layer of assurance.

Unlocking a world of possibilities, our locker customization goes beyond the ordinary. Tailor your space with precision and style, as we transform your preferences into a personalised haven. Your vision, your choice – because the perfect locker experience begins with you.

Experience seamless and efficient access to VLocker's electronic lockers with our innovative queue-less system. Say goodbye to long lines and waiting times as our user-friendly technology allows you to quickly and securely store and retrieve your belongings at your convenience.

Unlock your storage potential

VLocker offers 24/7 ongoing global support, ensuring we're there for clients whenever needed.
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